Moves from San Francisco to Tahoe/Reno

Reno, CA

Are you looking to make the move from San Francisco to Tahoe or Reno Nevada? Whether you can’t afford the high cost of living here any longer, you need to relocate for work, you feel your business would thrive better out of state, or you need to accommodate your growing family, we’ve got you covered here at All Star Movers and Storage.

At All Star Movers, we specialize in any type of long-distance move, and this one certainly qualifies. It’s a bit over three hours to get from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe, and about three and a half hours to Reno. You may have heard of us before due to the number of moves we have handled like this, or maybe through recommendations from family and friends. However you learned of us, we are glad you are here.

Making the Move

It’s our job to ensure a seamless move from San Francisco, home to 883,000. We handle moves in and around this area every day of the week, so you can rest assured we know the roads, shortcuts, highways and neighborhoods that run through the San Francisco Bay area. We are also familiar with the Lake Tahoe region of Nevada, comprised of a large freshwater lake nestled within the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Straddling the line between California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe is the second deepest in the country after Crater Lake in Oregon.

We also know the route well to Reno, Nevada, home to 250,000 and just 22 miles from Lake Tahoe. Dubbed “The Biggest Little City in the World,” Reno sits in a high desert river valley at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Choosing Us for Your Long-Distance Move

A long-distance move is much different from a local one. It takes more planning, preparation, organizing and detailed logistics. But rest easy because here at All Star Movers, we specialize in these types of moves. We are a trusted locally owned and operated moving company with more than 20 years of experience in residential and commercial moves. Serving the Bay Area, Sacramento and Central Valley, our movers are trained and experienced, backed by attention to detail and affordable pricing. And with services offered seven days a week, we can accommodate your schedule no problem.

We are proud members of the California Moving and Storage Association, enjoy Top Pro status on Thumbtack, and have an A+ rating on the BBB. Check out our Testimonials page to see what people are saying about us.

No matter your needs, our full-service San Francisco movers will take good care of you and your belongings during the long trek to Reno or Tahoe. 

We understand that moving to Nevada from California is a huge undertaking. After all, you’re picking up your family, your business, your life – to set down roots in a different state. But that doesn’t mean the move has to be difficult. We gladly take on the challenge and will ensure your belongings get to their new destination safe and sound. In addition to transport, we also offer services that will make the process easier on you, such as packing and storage.

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