Moves from San Francisco to Las Vegas

Moving from San Francisco to Las Vegas

If you’re planning a move from San Francisco to Las Vegas, you’re in luck. We are All Star Movers and Storage and we specialize in long-distance moves of this size and scope every day of the week.

The population difference between the two cities isn’t much (San Francisco at 883K vs. Las Vegas at 644K) but the two destinations couldn’t be any different. If you’re looking to trade the scenic natural views of San Francisco for the lights and glamour of Sin City, we can make sure you and your belongings get there safely. 

It’s about an eight and a half-hour drive from San Fran to Las Vegas, and due to the distance, you’re going to need someone behind you that knows what they’re doing. No worries: we’ve made the trip many times before and have the routes down pat between the two.

Whether your move was prompted by a wish to relocate your burgeoning business into a different state or you’ve just outgrown the San Francisco Bay area, it’s our job to make the transition go more smoothly with our proven long-distance moves, as we have handled countless moves to and from these two beautiful cities.

Our Qualifications

No one is more qualified to help you relocate from San Francisco to Las Vegas AZ than us!

Based in the Bay Area, we are well-versed in handling this type of long-distance move, from securely packing your items to harnessing them for the long ride in the truck. We can handle anything from large appliances to boxes: you name it, we can do it.

We are proud to serve the Bay Area, Sacramento, Central Valley and beyond as members of the California Moving and Storage Association. Additionally, we are Top Pros on Thumbtack and have an A+ rating on the BBB. Our proven reputation for quality and attention to detail precedes us. Just look at our Testimonials page and you will see how happy our previous customers are.

Looking to go from San Fran to Vegas soon? A move of this large scope demands that you partner with a reputable, qualified long-distance mover, especially one that is locally owned and operated so you get that local expertise you’re craving. You will soon learn we have many seamless moves, including long-distance, to our credit. We know long distance moves inside and out, and we know that they take a much higher level of planning and logistics than local ones.

While making the trek to Nevada from California can seem like a major step, you can rest easy knowing we’re lessening your burden with every mile traveled.

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To schedule your move from San Francisco to Las Vegas, simply contact us today in Dublin or Tracy CA for a free quote or complete our online form. We are well qualified to help with all aspects of your move, from packing to loading and unloading.