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piano movers dublin caPianos are large and cumbersome. They are difficult to budge an inch, let alone move one up or down several flights of stairs and across town. With pianos ranging in weight from 400 to 1,200 pounds, moving an instrument of this size can be daunting if not impossible for the average person. That’s where All Star Movers & Storage comes in. We provide piano moves of all kinds throughout the Bay Area, Sacramento, Central Valley and San Francisco. Tackling this project on your own can have disastrous consequences, both to the piano itself and your safety and health as well.

Our team has 18 years of experience under our belts moving large pieces of furniture and pianos. We can take on any challenge, from small uprights to grand pianos. If you’re facing a residential move and know you have a big job ahead of you moving a piano, call us first. Forget your buddies — no one wants to help a friend move a piano. They don’t know how to properly transport an instrument like this, and you don’t want to lose a friendship over damage to your piano! Not to mention any one of you could throw out your back attempting it. There are many reasons why you should hire a professional to move your piano.

Why Hire a Professional Piano Mover?

There are many reasons why you should hire a professional to move your piano. Consider all possible scenarios when moving an instrument of this size.

Injury and Damage

The biggest reason is to avoid injury to yourself and others, as well as to avoid damage to the piano itself. A piano is much different than a couch that takes two people to simply pick up and move. Rather, it’s a complex, oddly-shaped musical instrument with uneven weight distribution that can turn disastrous if you aren’t extremely careful. In addition to the pain of throwing out your back or tweaking your neck, you’ll spend a lot of money and time recovering in the hospital and visiting the doctor afterwards. And it’s not always a one-time injury. Often, back and neck injuries can plague a person throughout their life.

At the very least, it’s highly likely that you could cause damage to your piano, which can cost hundreds or thousands to fix. From snapped legs to broken keys to gouges in the surface, piano damage is nothing to sneeze at. Not only that, but you could damage your flooring, ceiling, stairwells, and truck in the process of moving.


When you think about piano movers, you may only be worried about the money you have to shell out for the service itself. However, you’re essentially buying peace of mind, and it’s not as much as you would think anyway. Think about the money you could end up paying out of pocket if you hurt yourself or cause damage to your piano and surroundings. From the piano legs to the pins and strings, a lot can happen when an amateur attempts to handle a move of this magnitude. Plan ahead and avoid the hassle of all that later.

Professional Equipment

You probably don’t have heavy-duty equipment, straps, padding and specialized vans to be able to move a piano on your own. Even if you somehow managed to pull together the right equipment, can you be absolutely sure you’re doing a proper packing job and that your piano won’t jar loose when you hit a pothole? Our professionals show up to every job equipped with the proper trucks and equipment, as well as padding and other safety features, to make sure your piano safely gets from point A to point B.

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