Moving Tips

Moving your family, even if it’s just across town, can be exciting yet terrifying at the same time. However, with the right moving professionals behind you, it can be made easier. The key is preparation. Here, we’ll show you how to prep your belongings so they’re easy to move and the process goes seamlessly. We’ll also share plan-ahead tips so your new place is ready for you when you move in.

Fine China or Dishes

Dishes need extra TLC, that’s a no-brainer. But you may assume that as long as you wrap each dish individually in bubble wrap, packing paper or even cloth, you can stack them horizontally. Not so. You should still individually wrap them, but be sure to stack them vertically on their sides to keep breakage at a minimum. Purchase special reinforced cardboard boxes or pile on the tape at the bottom to ensure the box is strong enough. Wrap each dish with newspaper, wrap again with bubble wrap and then tape together.


Instead of packing paper or bubble wrap, you can prevent your glasses from breaking if you stuff them with socks.


When you’re moving, your whole focus is often on boxes: where you can get them and how many you can get. Luckily, All Star Movers sells boxes of all sizes. Always label boxes with what they are for and which room they are destined for, i.e., clothes/John’s bedroom/second door on right. It’s wise to use different color tape for different rooms, i.e., red for kitchen, blue for bathroom, purple for office.


From perfume bottles and mirrors to shampoos and conditioners, you should wrap each of your delicate toiletries carefully to avoid breakage or leaking. Tip: use plastic wrap.

Loose Screws

Screws, nails and other small items can easily scatter and get lost in the chaos. Put them in sandwich bags with each one marked for their intended use, such as TV stand, bookcase, etc.


Make sure to get your address changed two weeks in advance so you can get your mail when you get in to your new home immediately.

New Home

The first thing you should do when you move into your new home is get the locks changed. In fact, do this at least a week beforehand. Schedule alarm installation first thing, too.

Family Photo

Moving day is confusing, chaotic and crazy. Don’t neglect to take one last family photo in front of your home before you get in the truck and move on. Remembering the memories you made there will comfort you as you begin your new life.