Moving Tips

Fine China or Dishes

  • How to wrap Fine china or Dishes properly.
  • Material – tape, bubble wrap and newspaper.
  • 1. Wrap dishes with newspaper 2. Wraps again with bubble wrap 3. Tape together.


  • You can buy boxes when you move with All Star Movers.
  • Always label boxes with what they are for and what room ex: Clothes/John’s Bedroom
  • Use different color tape for different rooms ex: Purple tape for John’s Bedroom

Wrapping Dishes

You can use cloth instead of bubble wrap.

Packing Glasses

You can prevent your glasses from braking if you stuff them with socks.


You should clean the bedrooms and bathrooms in your new home before having anything moved in.


Wrap your perfumes and other bathroom items in saran wrap so they don’t break or leaking.

Loose Screws

Use sandwich bags for loose screws ex: TV Stand ect.


Use a vacuum to seal a lot of your clothing in small space.


Make sure to get your Address changed 2 week in advance from moving so you can get your mail when you get in to your new home immediately.


Try not to buy any groceries before moving to avoid throwing them away.

New Home

The first thing you should do when you move into your new home is get the locks changed.

Last Thing

Take a family photo in front of your old house to remember the memories you had there.