International Movers

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All Star Movers is now your go-to moving company for all of your international moves. If you are planning to move from the United States to another county, we are the company for you!

We have contracted with some amazing networks to help us give you the most professional and efficient move. We take pride in all of our moves both domestic and international. Our company has a proven track record for high-quality skills and customer services. 

Cost of International Moves

One of the very first questions we receive in any move is regarding the cost. We understand that money is a huge determinant of which moving team you hire for your domestic and international move and that is why we are so up-front about all of our costs and fees. To figure out the cost of your move we will have to assess the volume of your shipment, as well as a couple of other factors.

Here are some aspects that will affect your international moving budget:

  • Where are you moving internationally?
  • How much stuff will you need to move?
  • What type of service would you prefer: door to door or door to port?
  • Would you like to add a packing package onto your move?
  • Do you require insurance on your belongings? What type of insurance?
  • Do you need to add any storage services onto your move?

Your International Movers

We understand that international moves can be extremely stressful and often emotional. We would like to apply our specialized knowledge to your next international move. We are experts in both residential and commercial domestic and international moves. 

We make sure that you are teamed up with one of our skilled members of our elite international moving network to ensure a stress-free, efficient and professional move. 

Contact All Star Movers to learn more about packing and moving services for both international and domestic moves. 

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