Helping the Kids Adjust to a New School After Moving to Sacramento

…and tips on transferring their medical records to the school nurse and new doctor

Got a big move coming up to Sacramento on the horizon for your family? Now’s the time to start squaring away all the details, particularly in regards to your children’s new school. While it can all be pretty exciting time for your family right now, it can also be very scary as everyone faces the unknown.

Your kids in particular may be apprehensive about starting a new school and meeting new people. The key to it all is to be well prepared. Check out these tips for helping your kiddos adjust to a new school as well as how to get their medical records transferred for their new school nurse and doc in Sacramento, home to 528,000.

Prepare Everyone

The most successful transition starts with preparation. You will have to handle a few vital things before they head off to the new school, such as registering them, taking a tour, meeting the principal, and gathering all school and health records.

It would even be a good idea to take a test run prior to the starting day if you can. Get up at the time you would for school and drive the bus route. Familiarize yourself with the school’s drop off and pick up lanes. Get school supply lists from the teachers and stock up now.

Encourage Participation in Activities

According to, the best way your kids can become acclimated to their new school and meet friends is to get involved in clubs and sports teams. These worthwhile and healthy outlets can provide the spark they need to get involved.

Whether it’s film club or soccer, encourage them to explore their interests and engage in team activities and sports. They will stay busy and meet new people at the same time.

Listen to All Concerns

Rather than downplay their fears and anxieties, ask them about how they are feeling. Validate those feelings, talk about them, and make helpful suggestions. Brushing aside their concerns will only make them stress out more. Provide a forum of comfort where they feel they can tell you anything.

Offering constructive coping mechanisms is a healthy method of dealing with fear rather than stifling them and just telling them everything will be OK.

Talk to Their Teachers

Teachers really get to know their students fairly quickly and can offer insight into their struggles. Because they spend so much time with them, teachers can guide your children in acclimating to the new environment. Check in with their teachers periodically to see how they’re coping and if they are doing well socially as well as academically.

Teachers can keep an eye out and ensure your child is moving along well in their educational journey. If there’s a problem at home, tell the teacher. They should be kept in the loop, and vice versa.

Tips For Transferring Medical Records When Moving the Kids

Moving with kids means you have to transfer medical records for the school nurse and the new doctor. This will help you avoid a gap in service. As you know, moving is about a lot more than uprooting your family; it also involves a series of transitions ranging from choosing new doctors and vets to switching schools.

It’s important to plan each one out well in advance in order for your move to go smoothly. One of these tasks should be to transfer medical records for yourself as well as everyone in your family.  Thanks to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), you can take authority of your own records upon moving to a new town or when switching health care providers.

While the process can be confusing and time consuming, our movers can help you with the most stressful part: the actually move.

Here are some tips on how to efficiently transfer medical records when moving to or from Sacramento.

Find a New Doctor

The first step is to do some research on a new healthcare provider. You will need a primary care physician in your new city, as well as a pediatrician for your kids. You will also have to research specialists such as dermatologists, cardiologists and dentists, if applicable.

You will have to conduct a bit of research so you can narrow down a few to call with further inquiries. Once you have asked all the questions you want, you will have to settle on one doctor. Find out their contact information so you can notify your existing doctor to send your records to the new one.

Most doctors send medical records by fax, but some still do snail mail, particularly if the records are numerous.

Decide Which Records You Need

Find out from your new doctors which records they will need so you don’t send over unnecessary ones to clutter up your file. These can include immunizations, dental records with x-rays, past surgical records, or just the bare minimum such as office visits. Different providers may want different things so always ask beforehand.

Submit Authorization

Next, you will have to submit an authorization for the medical records you want from your current doctors. You may want to ask how long it will take to transfer the documents, and if they are electronic in nature or paper form. According to Unpakt, practitioners can’t charge you for transferring records directly to another doctor but they can charge a fee for copying and mailing those records directly to you.

Follow Up With Calls

Delays happen. The best way to avoid that is to follow up with diligence and persistence. First, make sure they received your request; second, ask if the transfer is in-progress. According to HIPAA, your doctor’s office has 30 days to complete the request. If you have to, remind them of the deadline.

Packing Up Your Records

If the records were mailed directly to you, you will have to make sure they get to the new house safely. That means packing them in an efficient manner so they don’t get damaged or lost. Pick up a waterproof container or file folder to ensure safe transport. Bring all files with you in your vehicle; don’t place them on the moving truck with all your other stuff.

This also serves to make it easier to find them upon unpacking. Plus, this is imperative for security purposes.

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