What to Know Before Moving to San Francisco

If you are planning a move to San Francisco, you may be getting very excited right about now. But there are some things that are helpful to know before you make the relocation. The Bay Area happens to be the crown jewel of the region, comprising such suburbs as Alameda, Berkeley, Oakland, Palo Alto, Richmond and Walnut Creek.

Before you move to the Bay area, research and hire a professional mover to lead the way. You will thank yourself later! Here’s what you should know about moving to San Francisco.

It’s Expensive

The Washington Post is quick to point out that San Francisco is the second most expensive city in the United States to live in, with Washington DC in first place. Third place is New York City, followed by San Diego and then Baltimore MD. With the cost of living being so high, you’ll spend a lot of money on real estate and on basic living expenses such as groceries.

It Has a Variety of Distinct Neighborhoods

There are many suburbs and neighborhoods here, with certain areas appealing to different types of people. Hipsters and Gen Xers head to the Mission, while startup businesses and entrepreneurs head to SOMA. Families gravitate to Noe Valley, while kids right out of college go to the Marina.

Rent is Very High

In San Francisco, rent commands about $3,340 a month for 740 square feet. In Berkeley, you’ll pay $3,275 for 712 square feet. In general, you will pay lower monthly rates to live west of San Fran’s fog line due to the heavier fog.

It’s Pretty Crowded

About 815,000 people live in San Francisco, with about 7.7 million people living in the Bay Area.

The Food is Great

If you’re a foodie, you’ll love San Francisco with its variety of cuisines created by chefs hailing from different backgrounds, particularly when it comes to Asian influences. San Francisco boasts more than 35 non-chain restaurants per 10,000 residents. In Berkeley, 93 percent of local restaurants are made up of non-chain restaurants.

But don’t wait too long to eat. Even the busiest and most popular restaurants will close their doors by 10 p.m. – a far cry from LA and New York where they’re open well into the night.

The Weather Can Change in an Instant

It can be sunny and hot one day, then chilly and foggy the next. This means it’s always smart to bring a sweater with you wherever you go in case the weather changes on a dime.

Your Dog Will Love it Here

Did you know that there are more dogs than children in San Francisco? They can be spotted walking along streets with their owners or frolicking in parks. You can take them to luxury doggy daycares, dog gyms, dog hotels, dog spas, and dog bakeries too.

People Are Young

People between the ages of 25 and 44 comprise the highest percentage of people living in the Bay Area due to the prevalence of the tech industry.

The Streets Are Steep

Everyone thinks Lombard Street is the steepest here, but with its 27% grade, it pales in comparison to other San Francisco streets like Bradford above Tompkins (41%) and Broadway above Taylor (31%).

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